Warcraft: Total War conversion mod enters public beta following eight years of work

Eight years ago, modder TheHappyCrusader set out to bring the Warcraft universe, specifically the Warcraft 3 era, to turn-based strategy game Medieval 2: Total War via a conversion mod. Lots of hard work and an entire change in personnel later, the team behind the project have released a public beta featuring 22 factions and a […]

Frostpunk studio commits to expansions as sales hit 250,000 in three days

The masterful misery simulator Frostpunk has already sold 250,000 copies, developer 11 Bit Studios said today, meaning that it’s already covered its development and marketing costs and is now sailing the warm blue seas of profitability. It also means that expansion content, including free updates, is now guaranteed to happen.  #Frostpunk sold 250k units in […]

GTA Online's Vespucci Job is worth a spin this week with double GTA$ and experience

As part of its ongoing Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series (try saying that after a few pints), GTA Online introduced The Vespucci Job last week—an Italian Job-inspired police chase ’em up, complete with knock-off Minis. For the second week running, the new mode is subject to double GTA$ and RP.  I loved 1999’s Grand […]

UFO shapes have appeared in Fortnite, sign says comet could hit tomorrow

Left, the comet. Right, a lil UFO thing.  Off the back of some theories about the incoming destruction of Titled Towers, more evidence has surfaced in Fortnite’s latest 3.6 update. Players have noticed UFO-shaped stars (maybe just UFOs?) dotting the sky around the mysterious comet in the sky. Take a look at Reddit user Niels_Kooloos […]

Pillars of Eternity 2 expansions will feature a doomsday cult, wizards, and Eora's toughest guys

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire will be supported by three post-release expansions, Obsidian announced today, with the first, a journey to the island home of a doomsday cult, set to arrive in July. Entitled Beast of Winter, the expansion will also open the doors to The Beyond, "a mysterious dimension populated by ancient souls and […]

David Cage's Quantic Dream sues French media outlets over negative coverage

Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream came under fire earlier this year over allegations of workplace sexism, homophobia, and inappropriate behavior. Today, Kotaku reported that in response the studio has filed lawsuits against two of the three French outlets who reported on those conditions.  Quantic Dream management angrily denied the claims in […]