Watch SpecialEffect's games industry PUBG livestream, donate to a good cause

Videogames charity SpecialEffect has partnered with PUBG Corp and Sega Europe to host the #ChickenForCharity PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds event. Live now through 6pm BST / 10am PST today, tune into the livestream via the SpecialEffect Twitch channel or the embed above.  Those competing include the likes of Sega, Crackdown 3 developer Sumo, Lego series developer TT […]

Epic reaffirms building and shotgun nerfs: 'Not every encounter should have to end in a build-off'

It’s important to support a variety of late game strategies, that don’t boil down to ‘just build lol’.Fortnite Team, Epic Games Epic commented on the state of the Fortnite meta in a short blog post today, addressing the anxiety in the community over recent nerfs to harvesting and shotguns. With shotgun damage and resources from […]