Bethesda’s solution to Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition bag-switch crisis is, um, Atoms

People are pretty unhappy with the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition. In addition to a wearable Power Armor helmet, collectible figurines and steelbook, the US$200 package also came with a canvas duffel bag large enough to fit the Power Armor helmet. Or at least, it was meant to: the duffel bag that shipped wasn’t canvas […]

SteamVR update enables smoother gameplay and custom controller settings

Valve has pulled a couple of interesting SteamVR features out of beta and incorporated them into the polished release, namely motion smoothing and improved support for mapping your own customer controller bindings. Both are now available in the latest SteamVR build, version 1.1.3. "Today we’ve updated SteamVR for all users with changes that have been […]

Bethesda promises big Fallout 76 changes in December including bigger stash and 'SPECIAL respec'

Bethesda Softworks has posted the first in a planned series of "Inside the Vault" updates on the status of Fallout 76, which includes an acknowledgment of the game’s many problems and a promise of fixes to come. It also lays out the basics of two patches slated for December that will, among other things, increase […]

Artifact's debut comic teases events that will 'transform the world of Dota forever'

Valve’s long-awaited multi-screen card battler Artifact is now just a couple of days from full release, and that means it’s time for an interactive comic that sets up the game’s narrative—the reason you’re slinging all these cards around in the first place. Because you, it seems, are an acolyte of the House of the Cunning, […]