John Romero's next project is Sigil, a successor to Ultimate Doom's fourth episode

Update: Our guesses yesterday were more or less spot-on. Sigil is a Doom megawad, due in February 2019, and it’s been announced on today’s 25th anniversary of Doom’s original release. It’s an ‘unofficial spiritual successor’ to Ultimate Doom’s fourth episode, and features nine singleplayer levels and nine deathmatch stages. I’m excited to announce the project […]

Bethesda confirms up to 65 customers may have had personal data leaked

Credit: TheMysticalMungus on Twitter Please note, this article originally stated that "everyone’s" customer support tickets were viewable by other customers, which does not appear to be the case. I apologize for the error and have corrected this story. The hits keep on coming for Bethesda and its customers. For a brief period Wednesday, players who […]

Monster Hunter World update roadmap includes 21:9 support and lots of monsters

Capcom has released a roadmap for the PC version of Monster Hunter World, and it includes much-requested support for 21:9 ultra wide monitors. That’s coming in either January or February next year as part of Title Update 5.1, but there is one caveat: cutscenes won’t display at 21:9. That’s a nice quality-of-life addition – the rest […]

Star Control: Origins is getting a four-part season pass that debuts next week

The interstellar strategy-adventure Star Control: Origins is getting a four-part season pass called Earth Rising that will add "dozens of missions, new alien races, and a variety of ships" to the game. The expansion will leave the job of starship captain essentially unchanged—advance Earth’s interests in the galactic community with a deft blend of diplomacy […]

Quake Champions is getting rid of loot boxes and overhauling its economy

Free-to-play frag ’em up Quake Champions is throwing its convoluted loot box economy in the bin, replacing it with a clearer champion progression system and streamlined economy, along with introducing a Fortnite-style premium battle pass. At the moment, Quake Champions’ rewards system is just a bit of a mess. There are chests, backpacks, shards, runes […]

After five years in development, Capybara's Below will release next week

First announced at Microsoft’s 2013 E3 press conference, fantasy roguelike Below is finally releasing on December 14 – just in time to meet its 2018 release window. Developed by Canadian studio Capybara Games – best known for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP – the game was initially meant to launch in 2016 before it was delayed. […]