You can buy a replica of Apex Legends' worst gun for $104

Bootleg merch for movies and games has existed long before the internet. This black market has cobbled wonders like this mismatched, bloated, knock-off action figure set that inexplicably includes Batman, everyone’s favorite Avenger.  Lately, the growth of cosplay, the abundance of online retailers, and the continued maturity of 3D printing have combined to produce a […]

Former student zapped $58,000 worth of PC equipment using a 'USB Killer' device

A 27-year-old former student of The College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, has pleaded guilty to intentionally destroying dozens of the school’s computers, monitors, and related equipment worth more than $58,000 by using a "USB Killer" gadget. According to the US Department of Justice, Vishwanath Akuthota, who resides in the US on a […]

A strange floating rune connected to Fortnite's Loot Lake vault has appeared (Updated)

Update 4/19/2019: Runes are back, baby, and right in time for Fortnite Season 9. A floating, metallic object appeared near Paradise Palms today players quickly discovered they could damage it.  The mysterious object has massive health meter, and it’s shared by all players simultaneously. Once players have done enough collective damage to the object, it […]

The Native American Quinault Nation has filed a lawsuit against Valve over gambling

The Native American Quinault Nation in the state of Washington has filed a lawsuit against Valve, stating that it "does not have a license to operate, facilitate or otherwise engage in any form of gambling." While the Quinault Nation operates its own casino in Washington which is subject to heavy regulations from state and local […]