PSA: First-gen Ryzen processors are not compatible with AMD’s new X570 chipset

When AMD introduced its Zen CPU architecture to the world with its first-generation Ryzen processors, to pair with the best AMD motherboards, the company made a promise to stick with the same AM4 socket until 2020. Adulation followed, and AMD has stuck to its word by announcing third-gen Ryzen processors earlier this week that are, […]

SteelSeries built a gaming keyboard with adjustable key travel and an OLED display

Fast reflexes combined with ultra-sensitive key switches is a wonderful combination for gaming, but those same switches can lead to typos and make typing more difficult. For that reason, some people prefer to have two versions of the best gaming keyboard—one for playing games, and another for productivity. SteelSeries just said ‘Screw that!’ and built […]

CEO of Dead by Daylight devs Behaviour Interactive explains why they abolished crunch

Rémi Racine, CEO and executive producer at Behaviour Interactive, creators of games like Dead by Daylight, recently published a blog post with the title "Why I Abolished Crunch Time and Never Looked Back". In it he explains the 10-year journey that changed Behaviour from a company where "dishevelled employees groggy from another all-nighter" were a […]

Multiplayer deception game Project Winter leaves Early Access, adds new maps and weapons

For six of the eight players in a Project Winter team, the goal is surviving a chilly wilderness long enough to escape. For the other two, the goal is deception: it’s about blending into the team and then, when the moment presents itself, betraying your allies, stopping them from escaping. It’s a fascinating concept, and […]

'Gaming Disorder' officially recognized as disease by World Health Organization (Updated)

Update: The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized "Gaming Disorder" as a disease. In response, industry representatives from around the world immediately called on the WHO to rethink its decision, saying it was "not based on sufficiently robust evidence". The long-awaited decision was agreed by WHO member states at the agency’s 72nd World Health […]