Valve updates Team Fortress 2 trading rules following hat market crash

(Image credit: Valve) Team Fortress 2’s in-game economy went haywire last week when a bug showered players with rare, Unusual quality hats. Valve fixed the bug the following day and trade-locked the affected hats, stopping anyone profiting from the glitch—but it’s now relented, and says players can trade one of the hats they obtained via […]

A new Borderlands 3 trailer introduces Moze and her best friend Iron Bear

Earlier this week, Gearbox introduced us to the character Zane, a semi-retired corporate hitman turned vault hunter in Borderlands 3 who relies on guile, technology, precision applications of violence, and boozy Irish charm to get the job done. Today it’s time to meet Moze, a former soldier who decided to try more solo-focused pursuits after […]

Teamfight Tactics is in chaos after today's patch unintentionally made some units super strong

(Image credit: Riot Games) Teamfight Tactics’ 9.15 patch went live today, bringing some major changes to its strategic meta along with some hilarious, unintended buffs that have turned some already-powerful champions into ungodly harbingers of complete obliteration. Though a hotfix is already on the way, it’s chaos right now in TFT—and I for one am […]